Entering the inner courtyard of the “Elati Apartments” we meet an elevated closed courtyard which is properly configured for access by disabled persons. The courtyard is 40sqm paved with carved stone and rich in flower beds full of flavors blossom. In the background of this is the apartment “Magnolias”, size of 65 sqm.

The internal space of the apartment consists of:

  • One (1) large sunny bedroom 30 sqm, which includes two (2)semi- double beds, one (1) single bed and one (1) big sofa – bed one (small interior living room ), one closet, iron and one TV.
  • One (1) spacious and pleasant living room 20sqm in which a large windows replaces one of the wall thus giving the possibility to the occupant of the apartment to enjoy the indescribable beauty of the mountain landscape of Elati sitting next to a traditional rustic fireplace. The living room includes one big sofa bed, one large table with chairs and one TV.
  • One (1) kitchen which contains one (1) bed, one table with chairs, all the necessary household appliances such as refrigerator, electric stove, toaster and all necessary cooking utensils such as forks, spoons, dishes, glasses, cups, coffee pots.
  • One (1) bathroom with shower.